MLT - Jack Russell

MLT - "Jack Russell"

UM4 - Retriever

UM4 - "Retriever"

LT2/F - Bloodhound

LT2/F - "Bloodhound"

LT2/F w/Arm - Bulldog

LT2/F w/Arm - "Bulldog"

HD2 - Doberman

HD2 - "Doberman"

HD2 w/Arm - Mastiff

HD2 w/Arm - "Mastiff"

LT2/F w/Arm - Bulldog

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About SDR Tactical

SuperDroid Robots has been working with robots over the last 25 years and plans to keep doing it for countless more. We have many designs of robots that we keep in stock. These robots can be easily and rapidly deployed as is or we can customize the stock robot frames to meet your needs.

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