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UM4 "Retriever" - STANDARD Package

The UM4 robot is a complete robot kit including the robot, camera/video system, control system, and charging station. The robot is a very portable weighing only 14.5 pounds. These robots are amazing agile, discrete, and incredibly tough.

This package includes the following features:
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UM4 "Retriever" - STANDARD Package
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Built to Order: 4-8 Weeks
Select a controller option.
Controller Comments:
If you desire to extend your range or require a secondary monitoring station, select the appropriate option below. Match the type or radio with the radio selected above.
Repeater Option Comments:
Select the Camera Option from the list below. The IR camera has 360 pan and tilt, but no zoom. The Zoom camera option only has tilt (Pan is achieved by turning the robot).
Camera Options Comments:
This option includes LED Lights mounted on the robot's roll cage with power and controls. The UM4 comes with a night vision IR camera by default; these lights add illumination in the dark.
Lights Comments:
Select the type of Audio System you want with the robot. Since this robot only has a analog system, only audio from the robot to the remote is possible.
Audio System Comments:
These items are additional accessories that can be added to the robot package. Contact us for details of these items.
Additional Accessories Comments:
Select from any of the sensors listed below if you need environmental conditions monitored remotely with your robot.
HAZMAT Sensors Comments:
This Option upgrades the shipping crate to a foam lined Pelican Case.
Shipping Container Option Comments:
Describe any other custom features or attributes you need for the robot.
Other Custom Features:
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