HD2-S "Doberman" - Heavy Duty Surveillance Robot

HD2-S Heavy Duty Surveillance and Tactical Robot. The HD2-S features a tracked design that allows it to climb over most obstacles including stairs. It features an optional 30x 360 degree Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera assembly with high power LED lights allowing you to see in any direction and in almost any lighting situation. The large Heavy Duty Robot will push, pull, or plow over large objects and climb over virtually any obstacle during remote surveillance. The large aggressive tracks allow you to easily climb stairs and drive over obstacles. Multiple cameras and Operator Control Units (OCUs) are available for control and observation. Available 2-way Audio makes hostage negotiation a breeze. The entire package is developed, designed, built, configured, tested, and supported by SuperDroid Robots in NC USA.


  • Tracked Chassis for climbing stairs and obstacles - The tracked design allows this robot to climb over most obstacles and go up and down stairs that often stop other robots.
  • Remote Surveillance - Choice of a 36 IR LED camera for total darkness observation or a 30X optical zoom camera with low light vision and high intensity LED lights allowing the robot to see everything.
  • Hostage and hazardous surveillance - Survey hostile/hazardous situations staying out of harms way.
  • Clearing rooms remotely - Clear rooms and buildings remotely with audio and video surveillance.

Robot Specifications:

  • Robot Run Time: Up to 8 hours.
  • Speed: 0 to 250 ft per minute, infinitely adjustable/controllable.
  • Weight: ~100 lbs
  • Dimensions: Total Width: ~20", Total Length: ~38", Height: ~19" (for roll cage with PTZ camera)
  • Dimensions: Total Width: ~22", Total Length: ~38", Height: ~10.5" (for nose camera style)

Operator Control Unit (OCU) Specifications:

  • We offer multiple remote systems. We no longer offer analog based radios. All our systems are now digital providing encrypted long range remote control and monitoring. We offer a WiFi control system or 2.4GHz Digital control system. Follow this link for more details about our remotes.
  • Wi-Fi Tablet: This control system provides a easy affordable solution. We used a high power router in the robot for extended range and you use a touch screen 7" tablet with virtual joysticks to control and monitor the robot.
  • Enclosed Case Remote: This remote is embodied in a pelican case style box. It features built in industrial joysticks and it's easy to hold and has a large color 7" touch screen LCD screen.
  • Repeaters and Secondary Monitoring Stations are available for all our digital control systems.


  • These robots are built to order. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.
  • Contact us if you need expedited delivery.


  • SuperDroid Robots provides a 1 year warranty after shipment. See data sheet for full details.
  • Extended warranties, spare parts, and maintenance training is available, contact us with specific needs. Service agreements are also available.

Documentation and Support:

  • HD2 Doberman Brochure
  • Data Sheets for Basic, Standard, and Advanced HD2-S Doberman
  • PDF Drawings:


    Pricing and Options:

    Select the plan the best meets your needs below and we will provide a detailed quotation. All the plans can be customized by selecting different options. The quote form provides you with the ability to comment and add any additional features such as HAZMAT sensors, secondary monitoring stations/repeaters, tethered control, etc. Please contact us if you need any help or have any questions/comments.




    * Estimated Price

    • Weatherproof treaded robot chassis
    • OCU System: Wi-Fi Radio
    • OCU Style: Tablet OCU
    • IR Nose Tilt Camera
    • Tablet records video and still shots
    • Automatic battery charging system
    • Fully configurable/customizable
    • HD2-S Basic DataSheet
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    * Estimated Price

    • Weatherproof treaded robot chassis
    • OCU System: Digital Radio
    • OCU Style: Enclosed Case
    • 30X optical zoom 360 pan and tilt camera system with heavy duty roll cage and remotely operated LED lights
    • Rear facing IR camera with video with video switch
    • OCU upgraded to a large 12" touch screen LCD
    • 2-Way audio system for hostage negotiation
    • Tablet records video and still shots
    • Remotely Actuated Rear Stabilizer Bar
    • Removable remote release tow hitch
    • Foam lined reusable transport and storage case
    • Automatic battery charging system
    • Fully configurable/customizable
    • HD2-S Advanced DataSheet
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