New York Fire Department

New York Fire DepartmentThe FDNY approached SuperDroid Robots back in September 2011 and asked us if we wanted to come to NYC to demonstrate our robots. We accepted the invite and went to NY and participated in many tests and trials. Several other robot manufacturers were present at the same time. FDNY selected us and one other large company to participate in a training exercise in West Virginia. We travelled to West Virginia and our robot was used in several training exercises including search and rescue of victims, search for hazardous conditions, etc. We used the robot in collapsed structures, search tractor trailers, climbing over and under rubble, etc. At the end of the exercise FDNY selected our LT-F robot as their choice.

We were then requested to qualify the robot via NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) for robot qualification. We first went to the Maryland facility and completed the evaluation. From the testing we saw some things that could be improved and developed the LT2-F. The next step was going to Disaster City, TX. Disaster City is a training facility run by Texas A&M. NIST and FDNY were present along with many other robot manufactures and other fire departments. The testing went on for 4 days and went real well. In the end FDNY awarded SuperDroid Robots the contract to build them a customized LT2-F. After completion of the robot, it was brought back to the Maryland NIST facility for acceptance testing and delivered to FDNY along with a day of training on July 30, 2013.

It may sound like we are bragging, because we are! We are very proud that FDNY was confident in our product and services. We were the only vendor capable and willing to meet their requirements. Contact us with your custom request. We will provide model XYZ, but we are more than willing to customize any robot to meet your needs at an affordable price.

Custom Built LT-F

  • Pelican Case Remote Control
    • Physical Joystick and Switches for immediate control of important robot functions
    • Touch Screen Interface for other functions
    • In Case Computer for Video Recording and Storage
  • Secondary Case to act as Radio Range Extender
  • Custom Control Structure including Touch Screen Interface
  • Ability to Pressurize Chassis for Intrinsically Safe Operation
  • Ability to Configure Robot for different modes
    • On-board HAZMAT Sensors
    • Thermal Camera (SPI M1-D)
    • Ability to add a 4 Axis Arm in the future
  • Nose Camera with 27x Optical Zoom and Tilt System
  • Fixed Backup Camera for reversing out of tight quarters
  • Custom Roll cage to protect the M1-D and HAZMAT Sensors
  • Perspective Camera mounted on top of roll cage

FDNY LT-F: Lifted
FDNY LT-F: Flipper Arms Parked
FDNY LT-F: Flipper Arms Extended
FDNY LT-F: Front Profile with HAZMAT Sensors
FDNY LT-F: M1D Camera Attachment
Video of the LT-F in Action
Video of the LT-F in Action
About SDR Tactical

SuperDroid Robots has been working with robots for over 25 years and we plan to keep doing it for countless more. We have many robot designs and models that we keep in stock. These robots can be easily and rapidly deployed as is, or we can customize the stock robot frames to meet your needs.

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