Customized LT2-F for the Orange County Florida Fire Department

New York Fire DepartmentAnother excellent application of our LT2-F is an order recently placed by the Orange County Florida Fire Department. The LT2-F has been qualified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and has become a favorite among public service personnel. The LT2-F base includes a custom remote, front tilt camera, and battery charging station. With the included Stabilizer Flipper Arms, the robot is capable of climbing over virtually anything as tall as the robot is long. Not only does this robot include a 4-axis arm which allows for better object manipulation but it can also be easily switched out with a pan and tilt 27x optical lens camera. These simple add-ons greatly increase the use of the basic LT2-F platform.

Features of this robot include:

  • This enclosed robot comes complete with motors, motor controllers, batteries, tracks and flipper arms.
  • Tilting 27x Zoom Camera.
  • Custom Built Digital Tactical Robot Controller.
  • The chargers are fully automatic and will charge all the batteries simultaneously.
  • Arm Features:
    • Easily Removable! 4 bolts and one electrical connector to remove the arm and provide you with a low profile LT2-F or to add the 27x Optical Zoom camera. Add or remove the arm as needed.
    • Shoulder rotation: 180 degrees.
    • Elbow rotation: 140 degrees.
    • Wrist rotation: Continuous
    • Gripper Width: 4.5 inches
    • Arm payload: 15+ pounds fully extended.

FDOC LT2-F: 4-Axis Arm Parked
FDOC LT2-F: 4-Axis Arm Extended
FDOC LT2-F: Arm Profile
FDOC LT2-F: Profile with PTZ Attachment
FDOC LT2-F: Side Profile with Camera
FDOC LT2-F: Low Profile Configuration
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