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Project OverkillProject Overkill is a move into larger hydraulic powered diesel systems by SuperDroid Robots and SDR Tactical. The project is all about power and finding new and innovative uses for it.


  • Riot and Crowd Control
  • MSI Delivery System's AB2K Smoke Generator Delivery
  • Stop Strip and Barricade Deployment
  • Armoured Shield for Personnel Protection
  • Emergency Road Clearing / Car Towing
  • Breached Entry / Gate Crashing

Features of this robot include:

  • High Output 42 HP Engine
  • Hydraulic Driven tank skid steep for high torque, high speed locomotion
  • Custom Built Digital Tactical Robot Controller
  • Powerful Retrieval Winch (Removable for additional armaments)
  • Elevated 27X Optical Zoom PTZ Assembly
  • Optional Mounting Locations for Armaments
    • Turret mounting location for two MSI AB2K Smoke Generators
    • Breached Entry Ram (Replaces Winch)
    • Armoured Personnel Shield (Replaces Winch)
    • Stop Strip Deployment (Replaces Winch)
Project Overkill: Profile
Project Overkill: Mechanical Systems
Project Overkill: Electronics Control System
Project Overkill: Playing in the Mud
Project Overkill: Rescues a Bobcat
Project Overkill: Demonstration 1
Project Overkill: Demonstration 2
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